Business Start-up

Business Start-up Support

Designed for small business owners starting a new venture, or for those who need a fresh re-start!

As a small business owner, we understand what it takes to succeed. We love helping new business owners get a head start and helping existing business owners who need a fresh (re-start). We serve as your dedicated advisor, offering the guidance and deeper financial insight needed to ensure business stability, growth and long-term success.

New Business Start-up Package

We help you determine the best type of legal structure for your business, register your business, obtain federal and state tax ID numbers, apply for licenses and permits, open a business bank account and provide budget and financial planning.

In addition, we handle the following for you…

•Bookkeeping and payroll

We handle the books, including managing transaction classification and expense tracking…while also integrating payroll.

•Monthly financial reports

Receive monthly reports in the Management Report Section of QuickBooks Online.

•Bill paying and invoicing

We take over daily bill paying and invoicing tasks, as well as monitor and manage your cash flow to keep your business financially healthy.

•Business tax planning and preparation

Compliance is key! When you have experts planning, preparing and filing your tax returns, rest assured that you will always be compliant.

•Reporting and advice

We provide deep insight into your numbers and key performance indicators throughout the year…helping you make informed, smart business decisions.

•Human Resources Support

From HR education and live support to a wealth of powerful HR tools, HR2GO provides the practical tools, resources and support you need to help you stay in compliance, keep up with HR best-practices and better manage your employees.

•Providing invaluable insights and expertise

We will help you uncover new opportunities and set goals for your business as it grows and becomes profitable. We will also help you to identify pain points and strategize on how to minimize them.

Contact us today and let us help you to start or (re)start your business with the tools, guidance and support required for long-term sustainability and success!