Five Reasons to Shop Small this Holiday Season

Abigail Bellio

November 28, 2018

Every year we promise ourselves to start our Christmas shopping early. We get on our phones, tablets, and laptops and go straight to Amazon—because that’s easy, right? We LOVE Amazon! I have to admit, I use it weekly. And while we think we are getting the best, quickest deal, there’s a price for shopping this way. The local businesses in our community get overlooked and we forget that these mom-and-pop stores in our downtowns and neighborhoods are trying to provide for their families as well. In the process of shopping online, we aren’t soaking in what the holiday season is really about–Giving!

Here are five great reasons to shop small this holiday season:

  • You’re supporting your community! When you shop small this holiday season, you aren’t giving the CEO of Walmart or Target fabulous profit margins—you’re giving Todd, who owns the local gift shop, an opportunity to buy his kids the backyard playset he’s been saving for. Far too often, locally owned stores permanently close for business and the community doesn’t understand why. When you shop small, you are part of the solution!

  • You’re getting more out of the holiday cheer! Many local shops have events leading up to the holidays. I’ve seen several host Saturday events to shop discounts and even get a sweet holiday treat while you browse. Why not gather some of your family and friends to see what small shops have to offer and take advantage of these sweet specials? You are likely to receive one-on-one customer service and even have a meaningful conversation.

  • If they don’t have it, they’ll order it! A lot of times we consider going to big box stores over shopping small, because we are almost certain these small stores won’t have what we’re looking for... Just ask them! I have been to multiple small stores that tell me “We can order that” when I let them know what I want. These shops have vendors, they know what products are out and how to find them, they may even be able to get you a deal!

  • You could find the perfect one-of-a-kind gift! It’s possible that local artists and crafters from around your community don’t have an online presence, but they do sell their items at a local shop. That could be the present you give to the person who “has everything.” If the shop doesn’t have anything in store you like, you could get the artist’s contact info and have something commissioned.

  • Support the ever-growing movement! More than ever, farmers’ markets and community-wide events are happening all over! This is because our younger generation is increasingly interested in social responsibility. Supporting local coffee shops and trendy boutiques has been more popular than ever. So, jump on the band wagon, keep your money in your community, and commit to shopping small this holiday season. Be part of the movement to keep these local shops thriving.

While there are many more reasons to shop small, these are the five that I believe we can all relate to; they’re simple and will give you an experience unlike any you would get at a big-box store. Support your small shops this holiday season and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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